Tile & Grout Cleaning

vapor-steam-system    host-reliant-machine

   Vapor Steam System                        Host Reliant machine

Tile & Grout Cleaning Process:         

  • Built for heavy commercial use
  •  Fingertip controls allows surface cleaning temperatures of between
    (200ºF to 245°F with the Steamer )
  • With these temperatures stubborn tile and grout stains are eliminated on contact
  • Steamer system was created for the task that needs the "Burst of Hot Water" feature that gets rid of difficult stains
  • Vapor steam is 96% moisture free which allows surfaces to dry quicker
  • Results are a cleaner & more sanitized surface
  • Extreme dirty surfaces are scrubbed first with the Host machine, then completed with the Steamer


Pricing for tile and grout cleaning:                                 ($.60 – $.90) Per Sq. Ft.

Pricing for Oriental, Persian, and Wool Rugs:              ($39.99 – $129.99)

Pricing for other area rugs:                                               ($19.99 – $69.99)